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The Story of Ohio Youth Basketball

     Beginning almost 30 years ago, Ohio Youth Basketball was founded by a High School Basketball Coach in Southeastern Ohio as a way to get his team quality playing time in the off season. Working with local high schools, their basketball programs, and fundraising organizations, Ohio Youth Basketball has continued its commitment to youth programs over the state.  Helping over 60 schools through out Ohio raise funds in those 30 years, our tournaments provide your teams with invaluable experience at a level of competition that molds talent, while never compromising on the organization of the weekend events. After almost 30 years, Ohio Youth Basketball is looking to expand our reach to youth organizations and school districts all across the state!  We are excited to introduce our new Director, Anthony McNeal as we continue to help develop young athletes.

New Leadership


After playing basketball at the University of Rio Grande, Anthony joined the Ohio Youth Basketball team in 2015. Offering experience as a site manager for tournaments and taking over social media for the organization, Anthony's responsibilities grew over the next 8 years. Working closely with founder Gary Lecrone, he has brought OYB into the modern era of tournaments with highlight videos, the use of the mobile app, and a continued evolution of the communication aspects of the organization.  Anthony believes that youth athletics play a vital role in developing responsible young men and women, while at the same time instilling fundamental aspects such as teamwork, dedication and fun. A former OYB participant, Anthony looks to keep the organization moving forward while continuing its commitment to the youth of Ohio, and the schools/programs we support. "ALL kids deserve to have the opportunity to play, improve, and show off the fruits of their hard work, and Ohio Youth Basketball allows them to do so. 

Meet The Team

Anthony McNeal


Ethan Quinn

Expansion & Evaluation

Gary Lecrone


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